life change happens when we connect.

if you need help finding a group contact our connections team with any questions

A Connect Group is a small group of people within the church who meet regularly to establish a sense of community and to help live out the reality of the Christian life on a day-to-day basis. The scripture, Church history, and our own experience have taught us that small groups are the most effective model for a dynamic church body, which consistently administers the love and grace of God. This interpersonal relationship model was the basis for vibrant Christian life and growth in the New Testament Church (see Acts 2:42-47). For this reason, Connect Groups will be the primary relational cell for connection to the church body here at Hope Anthem Church.

stan & mel milliken group

2nd & 4th Sundays @ 6pm in richmond ks 

This is a fun-filled group that loves God and good conversation. This group is geared towards adults in their 40s and 50s however, any and all are welcome here!


Sundays @ 6pm at Hope Anthem Church (in person)

This group is led by Chris Ferguson and Sherri Northup and is geared towards all ages and stages of life. This group meets every week at Hope Anthem in the classroom upstairs and they are discussing the WHY and HOW of prayer. This is a group that ANYONE can come to!

Ron & Deanna kimes group

2nd & 4th sundays @ 6pm (LOCATION TBD)

This group is led by Ron and Deanna Kimes and is geared towards the retired age group. They truly are Christians demonstrating love and the importance of connecting with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. 

ed & Winnie Spigle group

2nd & 4th sundays @ 6pm (LOCATION TBD)

This group is led by Ed and Winnie Spigle and is geared towards the retired age group. This group utilizes different video series for their material and participate in group discussions following the video. The spiritual growth doesn't end after connect group either, Ed and Winnie send study sheets home for connect group members to work on during the week. They also serve dessert and coffee!

tiffany wyatt group

dates/locations tbd

This group offers the moms of Hope Anthem Church a space to come together to develop friendships and fellowship!

bruce groninger group 

mondays @ 7pm at hope anthem church

This group brings the good news each week! This group is perfect for new believers and those new to studying the Bible. This group meets for a weekly Bible study. They also have occasional activities outside of their studies!

John & Lisa pedrick group

2nd & 4th sundays @ 6pm (location tbd)

This group is led by John and Lisa Pedrick and is geared towards "empty nesters" and retired age members. This group is built on fellowship, service projects, prayer, sermon review, and ministry to others! 

urqhart/fagg group

2nd & 4th sundays @ 6pm in garnett ks

This group is led by Sheryl Urqhart and Connie Fagg and is for anyone and everyone who wants to join! This group simply meets together to learn and grow. Contact the connections team to get the address and more information on this group.

bowman/steele group

2nd & 4th sundays @ 6pm in pomona ks

This group is led by Steve Steele, Christine Steele, Dave Bowman, and Benita Bowman. This group is geared towards anyone and everyone! All ages and stages of life are welcome. The purpose of this group is to create group involvement and encourage strong faith-filled friendships!

luke & shirley matile group

2nd & 4th sundays @ 5:30pm in ottawa ks

This is a group of young adults/families meeting for a Sunday afternoon meal and discussion. This group often selects books and bible studies to do together as a team. Kids are welcome!

kipp & abriel wuellner group

2nd & 4th sundays @ 6pm in garnett ks

Children welcome! This group is for both singles and married couples. Let your kiddos come play while the adults grow closer to Christ and each other, all while figuring life out together as a team. 

dickinson/jones group *currently not meeting

1st & 3rd sundays @ 6:00pm in ottawa ks

This group is led by Amy Dickinson, Madeline Jones, and Trevor jones. This group is geared towards young adults in their 20s and 30s who just haven't quite figured out life yet! This group recaps the message from Pastor Jerod and discusses it over a home cooked meal and then finishes up with some hilarious games! 

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