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Everyone has a next step.

We are so glad you are choosing to check out our church! Whether you are a long time follower of Jesus or just dipping your toes into a relationship with God, we want to come alongside you! You weren't meant to do life alone.

Choose your campus below to view your next step options!



is there anything for my kids?

Absolutely! HA Kids is perfect for kiddos ages 0-12 years old. Our kids ministries exist to build up the next generation of Jesus-followers!


Here's what your kiddos can expect when they attend an HAC Kids service:

*we also provide a "mommy lounge" for nursing mama's that has a live feed of the service going on a TV!*


Our rooms are 100% kid proof! We ensure that our spaces are age-appropriate and completely child safe. Rest assured, your child is safe in HAC Kids so you can feel free to relax in the adult service.


HAC Kids spaces and toys are thoroughly sanitized in between each service and deep cleaned each week!


We separate kiddos by age range and grade level! We are passionate about creating spaces for our kids to feel they have plenty of room to explore!


We created a strict check-in and check-out system that ensures NO ONE is able to pick up your child except the person that dropped them off and doors remain locked for the duration of the service!


0-5 yrs

5-12 yrs

nursery | toddler | preschool

k-5th graders

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