a church anyone can come to

full of people that are going.

Our Story

Hey, thanks for choosing to check out Hope Anthem Church. We think it's great that you're here. One thing about us that you should know is that we are all about changed lives. At Hope Anthem you can trust that when you walk through the front doors, you'll feel right at home. In fact, it's our goal to create a safe place for people to find and follow Jesus. Through our family friendly atmosphere, we offer a message of hope in Jesus. Whether you're a regular church-goer or just kicking the tires of faith, Hope Anthem is the perfect place to team up with in your journey. It's important to us as a church to serve the community to the best capacity. We make it a point to know the needs of the community and make a difference through generosity and service. Jesus taught us to be selfless, helping and encouraging others.


That's why our actions will always trump our words.

Meet The Team

DSC05328 (1).jpg
Chad & Theresa Hazen

Burlington Campus Pastors

Jesse Burgoon

Jail Campus Pastor

Kaelin Bones

Ottawa Campus Office Administrator 

Our beliefs


Direction, not intention, determines destination. We can't stay here.


Empty seats are a big deal. We won't keep Jesus to ourselves.


We refuse do to life alone.


Saved people serve people. We don't maintain, we multiply.


We don’t wait for someone else to pick up the trash or put away the shopping cart.


Jesus is at our center. Satisfaction comes from deeper interaction with Him.


We don't know what we don't know but we are willing to learn.


The 3 E’s – Energy, Excitement  and Enthusiasm.


We express God's imagination through our creativity.